UK diesel first

CSE Aviation are claiming the first UK flight of a Cessna 182 SMA diesel conversion. The Jet A1-fuelled aircraft was re-engineered by CSE in its … Read more

Bon Voyage

The French aviation magazine Aviation & Pilote and Dassault, manufacturer of the Falcon series business jets, have teamed up to organize the ultimate $100 hamburger … Read more

Fossett does it again

American pilot Steve Fossett and co-pilot / navigator Mark Rebholz have successfully re-created the historic, first-ever 1919 TransAtlantic flight of John Alcock and Arthur Whitten … Read more

Solent TRA warning

Pilots flying to the Isle of Wight over the next few weeks should be aware that a large section of airspace over the Solent is … Read more

Gordon Baxter

Bax has gone and with him a chapter of aviation writing has closed. For over 25 years he wrote a column at the back of … Read more

In your dreams

Norfolk County Council are selling a couple of interesting properties with flying potential. ₤135,000 gets you an acre of ground plus the old control tower … Read more

Curtis Pitts

Legendary U.S. aircraft designer Curtis Pitts has died at his Florida home at the age of 89. As the boss of a crop dusting company … Read more