SpaceShipOne for Oshkosh

EAA and Scaled Composites are promising unprecedented access to SpaceShipOne and its mother ship White Knight during the full week of the annual EAA AirVenture … Read more

FAA issue emergency Cessna twin AD

The FAA has issued an emergency airworthiness directive that requires more frequent inspections for wing-spar cracks on twin Cessna 402C and 414A models that have … Read more

New Extra for Red Bull

World champion aerobatic pilot Peter Besenyei has added another Extra aircraft to his fleet with the recent addition of a custom-made Extra 300S. Besenyei will … Read more

East Midlands Airspace Changes

The CAA has approved Nottingham East Midlands application for airspace changes to be introduced on 12 May. The new airspace layout will contain two new … Read more

Mode S correction

In the March 2005 issue we incorrectly attributed information about a Eurocontrol move to allow certain operators to delay retrofitting Mode S equipment to specific … Read more

Russia claims airship record

Russia is claiming a new world airship speed record of 50.03 km per hour for a single seat gas airship Au-11 of the BA-02 subclass … Read more