Black boxes for Cirrus aircraft

Massachusetts-based Alakai Technologies has announced that it has developed a ‘black box’ system for light aircraft, which is initially to be fitted to Cirrus aircraft. … Read more

Redhill’s future in question

Redhill future as an aerodrome is again in question as an aerodrome, according to a recent report in the Reigate and Redhill edition of the … Read more

New stats show infringements are up

The <a href=’’ target=’_blank’>OnTrack</a> website has some up-to-date statistics on reported airspace infringements, and they show that the trend is on the up. The figures … Read more

Cessna crash at Liverpool

Liverpool airport was closed for a while yesterday evening after a light aircraft – reported to be a Cessna 182 – came down ‘in fields’ … Read more

New squawks for Manchester

<div class=newsfloatbox>Next month (from the 23rd November) two other new squawks are expected to come in: 7300 – when you’re flying in a circuit (although … Read more

Taylorcraft in bankruptcy

US manufacturer Taylorcraft has gone into chapter 11 bankruptcy. This was not unexpected: the company has had well-publicised debts and cashflow problems. Company president Harry … Read more

No PFA Rally in 2007

It has been confirmed that the PFA (Popular Flying Association) Rally – more recently known as Flying for Fun – will not take place in … Read more