Diamond Aircraft goes east

Diamond Aircraft has announced construction of a new factory in China. The plant will be big enough to employ 1,700 workers and build 600 aircraft … Read more

Euro Charges threaten Sally B

The future of the UK’s sole remaining airworthy B-17 Flying Fortress G-BEDF Sally B is seriously threatened because of new EU third party liability insurance … Read more

Climate control for Lancair

The Lancair Company has received certification for general aviation’s first intelligent climate control system. It will soon become a factory-installed option available exclusively on Lancair … Read more

Cessna order book ‘bulging’.

Cessna claims that their order book is bulging. In early April the company received over 450 single engine aircraft orders over a three week period. … Read more

CAA revise low flying rule

The CAA has announced a major revision of the Low Flying Rule (Rule 5). . Although flight is now permissible to 1,000 feet above the … Read more

New ‘Cubs’

CubCrafters has announced that the Top Cub and Sport Cub are joining their line-up. The company received the type certificate for the Top Cub in … Read more

Eddsfield joins safety scheme

Eddsfield, a small unlicensed grass strip in East Yorkshire is the 191st airfield, to join Charles Strasser’s scheme on behalf of AOPA, to agree to … Read more

First DA42 Twin Star delivered

Diamond Aircraft Industries GmbH has delivered the first two DA42 Twin Stars to French customers. Simultaneously a DA42 powered by diesel engines was despatched to … Read more