Extra resume production

Extra Aircraft have restarted production at their factory in Hunxe, Germany . The company, well known for their stunning aerobatic mounts had experienced turbulent times … Read more

Robinson reach 5000

The Robinson Helicopter Company have reached another major milestone in their remarkable story by delivering their 5000th helicopter at the end of September. Robinson delivered … Read more

Political restrictions

The political conference season has arrived, and as expected ‘For reasons in the public interest, the Secretary of State for Transport has deemed it necessary … Read more

Met Office gone west

As of today (15th September) all Met Office forecasts will be produced from their new, purpose bullt premises in Exeter. Although some forecasts had been … Read more

Daimond select Williams

Diamond Aircraft have announced their engine choice for their entry level D Jet, due to be flown next year. After looking at several possible power … Read more

Gliders in mid-air

The pilots of two gliders took to the silk on Thursday afternoon (4/9/03) when their gliders collided north of Lasham. Both pilots were taken to … Read more

Lancair 400 lost in spin tests

A prototype Lancair Columbia 400 was lost during spin tests yesterday (Wednesday August 27th). Test pilot Len Fox was completeing what had been a successful … Read more

Collision claims six

A mid-air collision between a Cessna single and a glider has tragically claimed the lives of all six people involved. It is understood that the … Read more