Gliders in mid-air

The pilots of two gliders took to the silk on Thursday afternoon (4/9/03) when their gliders collided north of Lasham. Both pilots were taken to … Read more

Lancair 400 lost in spin tests

A prototype Lancair Columbia 400 was lost during spin tests yesterday (Wednesday August 27th). Test pilot Len Fox was completeing what had been a successful … Read more

Collision claims six

A mid-air collision between a Cessna single and a glider has tragically claimed the lives of all six people involved. It is understood that the … Read more

Microlights to France

This coming weekend there will be an attempt to break the record for the number of microlights crossing the Channel to France. The current record … Read more

New FAA Airman Certificates

If you have an FAA Airman Certificate, either based on another ICAO PPL, or the unrestricted verion you’ll be used to the somehwat flimsy, but … Read more