CAA website relaunched

Visitors to the CAA website (<a href=”” target=”_blank”></a>) will find that it has been redesigned. The redesign is partly in response to new disabilities guidelines, … Read more

New amphibian flying club

The Amphibious Flying Club plan to offer trial lessons and type ratings this spring using a 2000 Maule M7 235B amphibian based in the Felixstowe … Read more


Hartzell Propellers blended-airfoil propeller system for the Adam Aircraft A500 centreline-twin has passed the final hurdle for certification on the aircraft. A recent FAA regulation … Read more

Airbus A380

The A380 was launched at Airbus’s plant in Toulouse, France in mid January in front of 4,500 VIP guests and the leaders of the four … Read more

North Weald faces threat

The East of England Plan names North Weald Airfield and surrounding land specifically as a strategic site for development of 6000 homes and an industrial … Read more

AOPA calms fears on Bush GPS plan

President George W Bush has ordered plans for temporarily disabling the US network of global positioning satellites during a national crisis. The move is to … Read more