Space Race is ON!

You may have thought that, following SpaceShipOne’s recent, triumphant space shot, the X Prize (USD 10m up for grabs for the first reusable non-governmental spaceship) … Read more

Bonanza/Baron to get G1000 option

Beechcraft have announced that the G1000 integrated avionics solution will be available as an option on the Bonanza or Baron. The system will come complete … Read more

EASA deadline nears

Don’t forget that the deadline for submitting your responses to EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) on its proposals for consultation for the future of aviation … Read more

No more PFA Rallies

The PFA has announced that, as of next year, the PFA Rally will be no more. In its place the event formally known as the … Read more

EASA – what’s it about?

There’s been a lot of vague talk recently in the GA press about EASA (the European Aviation Safety Agency), the organisation which is taking over … Read more

SpaceShipOne reaches space

Scaled Composites version of Mission Control has confirmed that SpaceShipOne successfuly reached an altitude of 100km, official space. SpaceShipOne was piloted by Scaled Composites Vice … Read more

New New Piper dealership

Senate Aviation at Bournemouth has been appointed to represent New Piper in the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man and Spain. The new company replaces … Read more

SpaceShipOne ready for record

The launch of the first private, manned sub-orbital rocket has been planned for June 21. If all goes well, Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne will make history … Read more

D-Day airspace warning

You should know this by now, but private pilots who stray into Normandy airspace this weekend during the D-Day ceremonies risk being shot down.   … Read more

Tell EASA your views

If you want to avoid another JAA-style debacle over private flying – whether you are a PPL (fixed-wing or rotary), a glider pilot, an instructor, … Read more