FLYER magazine March 2019

FLYER March 2019

BIO-PLANE! A fascinating French project which plans to emulate Lindbergh’s pioneering flight across the Atlantic, on an unusual combination of bio-fuel, hybrid-electric and solar power … Read more

FLYER February 2019

– Famous for creating fast, efficient singles, Mooney Aircraft has added a second door, Garmin NXi avionics and a plush interior to create the Acclaim … Read more

FLYER January 2019

Looking a little like a miniature de Havilland Beaver, the Rearwin Cloudster is a 1930’s classic that delivers radial charm and delightful handling in a … Read more

Flyer magazine December 2018

FLYER December 2018

Mark Hales writes about the biggest Jodel, the D140 Mousquetaire, a four-seat Permit to Fly load-lifter “with no equal”. 19 years ago, Cirrus delivered its … Read more

FLYER November 2018 cover

FLYER November 2018

Mark Hales brings us up to date with insight into the potential uses of hybrid-electric power units in light aircraft. This year’s LAA Rally was … Read more

FLYER October 2018

Flying Across Britain with Arthur Williams has been a Sunday-evening TV viewing hit on Channel 4, for flyers and non-aviators alike. We caught up with the … Read more

FLYER September 2018 cover SuperSTOL

FLYER September 2018

If you’ve ever dreamed of keeping your own aircraft at home and flying from your back garden, but don’t own a huge country estate, then … Read more

Sonaca 200 flight test

FLYER August 2018

EXCLUSIVE First flight test of the certified Sonaca 200 two-seat training aircraft. Peter Funk’s extraordinary 1930 Bucker re-creation, the BF139. Twin Beech flies to Cuba … Read more

FLYER Summer 2018

In the Summer 2018 issue of FLYER, on sale Thursday 14 June: Go time travelling with Thomas Borchert in Flight Test, as he pilots a … Read more