FLYER December 2017 cover

FLYER December 2017

Cover story: Conceived in the thirties to whisk rich New Yorkers to their lakeside lodges upstate, the Grumman Goose amphibian would go on to serve in … Read more

Flyer November 2017 cover

FLYER November 2017

Cover story: flight test of the first aircraft to be built under the UK’s new ‘E-Conditions’ test status – an Aeronca powered by a Verner … Read more

FLYER October 2017

While the Cirrus G6 model changes for 2017 brought Garmin Perspective+ and Spectra lighting to the whole SR range, the big news for the SR20 … Read more

FLYER magazine September 2017 cover

FLYER September 2017

Among the thousands of two and four-seat, high-wing aircraft produced by the Luscombe Aircraft Company, was a beautiful single-seat, low-wing aerobatic sportplane, of which just … Read more

FLYER August 2017

After ten years of development, the first deliveries of the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, General Aviation’s first single-engined personal type, have begun. Ian Seager gets … Read more

FLYER magazine Summer 2017

FLYER Summer 2017

Cover story: Reborn Warrior and Ascend 172: remanufactured aircraft as good as new but at half the price With new aircraft costing several arms and … Read more

FLYER July 2017

In the July issue of FLYER! Mark Hales flies a recently restored 1930s WACO OEC, a rare, radial-engined cabin biplane which he thinks is perfect … Read more

FLYER June 2017 issue

FLYER June 2017

Front cover and flight test this month is the dimunitive but very fast Questair Venture. It’s a rocketship! Exclusive first-hand coverage of Europe’s top General … Read more

FLYER May 2017

  Tough times, legal battles and a lack of finance can sometimes mean that fabulous aircraft never really ‘get off the ground’. This month’s FLYER … Read more

FLYER April 2017 Cover

FLYER, April 2017

Thinking about buying an aircraft? Of course you are! It’s always a hot topic here in the FLYER office and this month we look at … Read more