Piper PA18-150 Super Cub

The last of the Piper Cub line –  150hp and flaps help with backcountry exploration. G-CUBP featured in FLYER 2011, before moving to Australia. www.supercub.org

Luscombe Silvaire 8E

If you enjoy stick and rudder work, then the Luscombe Silvaire could be for you. An inexpensive aluminium American classic, this lovely example featured in FLYER October 2013.

Bowers Fly Baby

A wonderful single-seater that’s home built from plans and a big stack of timber. This fabulous example featured in FLYER May 2014.

Cozy Mk.IV

Featured in FLYER November 2013,  the Cozy Mk.IV is a Rutan-inspired canard that offers great handling and efficiency.

Aeronca 7AC Champ

Less well known than the J-3 Cub, but cheaper and some might say better, the Aeronca Champ makes a great budget buy. Featured in FLYER January … Read more