Legend Cub

While on first glance it looks traditional,  the Legend Cub is a truly modern take on the classic J-3 Cub design. With improvements like dual doors … Read more

P&M Aviation PulsR

The world’s first all carbon fibre monocoque construction trike,  we tested the new P&M PulsR in FLYER April 2012. Our tester wondered if a covered … Read more

Cessna FRA150 Aerobat

For a novice pilot, the Cessna Aerobat is a great platform for introducing really meaningful, unusual-attitude recovery,  and a dose of simple aerobatics to spice … Read more

Lockwood AirCam

The AirCam’s unique aesthetic can be traced back to the early ’90s when National Geographic was looking for a photo platform for a project in … Read more

Breitling Jet Team

We flew with the Breitling Jet Team in FLYER Summer 2014. The world’s largest civilian jet team, they operate a the L-39 Albatros under the sponsorship … Read more

Taylorcraft BC12D

Designed by Clarence Taylor, the same chap who had penned the basic design for what was to become the Piper J-3 Cub, the Taylorcraft BC-12D … Read more

Hawker Sea Fury T.20

We featured the fabulous Fly Navy Heritage Trust’s Hawker Sea Fury in FLYER January 2012. The last piston-engined type for serve with the Royal Navy, … Read more

Grumman AA-5B Tiger

Sportier than a Cherokee, the Grumman Tiger is a rare machine in comparison to its Piper competitor. We featured this example in FLYER November 2014.

Binder CP301S Smaragd

If you think this machine looks like an Emeraude, then you’d be right. The Smaragd was a version of the classic French machine that was licence-built … Read more