Waco YMF-5D

While it might look like you’ve just flown in from the 1930’s, the YMF-5D from Waco Aircraft is in fact a thoroughly modern machine. EASA-certified … Read more

Miles Whitney Straight

They don’t much more elegant than this Whitney Straight, a beautiful machine produced in 1937 by British manufacturer Miles Aircraft. We featured G-AERV; the last airworthy example of … Read more

Van’s RV-14

A new design from the world’s most successful kit aircraft manufacturer is always going to be big news, so when Van’s Aircraft revealed the RV-14 … Read more

de Havilland Beaver

DHC-2 Beaver

Versatile and dependable, a go-anywhere STOL workhorse, the de Havilland Canada Beaver is one of the world’s very special aircraft. In FLYER June 2015 we … Read more

Legend Cub

While on first glance it looks traditional,  the Legend Cub is a truly modern take on the classic J-3 Cub design. With improvements like dual doors … Read more

P&M Aviation PulsR

The world’s first all carbon fibre monocoque construction trike,  we tested the new P&M PulsR in FLYER April 2012. Our tester wondered if a covered … Read more

Cessna FRA150 Aerobat

For a novice pilot, the Cessna Aerobat is a great platform for introducing really meaningful, unusual-attitude recovery,  and a dose of simple aerobatics to spice … Read more

Lockwood AirCam

The AirCam’s unique aesthetic can be traced back to the early ’90s when National Geographic was looking for a photo platform for a project in … Read more

Breitling Jet Team

We flew with the Breitling Jet Team in FLYER Summer 2014. The world’s largest civilian jet team, they operate a the L-39 Albatros under the sponsorship … Read more