Cambridge Airport ‘well and truly open for business’

Cambridge City Airport is still very much open for business – that’s the message behind a branding and marketing campaign launched this week to promote the airport.

A new website details all the services on offer, including charter and business flights, full fuelling and ground services, air traffic control, hangar space and aircraft parking, equine transportation and flight training.

Cambridge City Airport

“We’ve haven’t done a great deal of PR or marketing over recent years but with the recent announcement about plans for our aerospace business to relocate it’s really important that we spread the message that Cambridge City Airport is still very much open for business,” said Airport Director, Kevan Craske.

“We have a great story to tell, both in terms of our facilities and equipment, and our amazing location so close to one of the UK’s most famous and thriving cities.

“There is tremendous potential at the airport, in Cambridge and the surrounding area, and we are ideally placed to exploit that and grow business. Our new logo and website will help us do that. They are vibrant, eye-catching and modern, and really help us tell the world we’re well and truly open for business.”

Cambridge City Airport


  1. But try booking an IMC training slot (ILS approaches) at a weekend . . .
    Unless things have changed in the last month, that’s one bit of business that they aren’t open for.

  2. I hope this represents a genuine change of attitude in Cambridge’s management, which has been pretty hostile to GA traffic in the last few years. Even now, they’re evicting some flying schools from the site, and are unable to offer ATC services at weekends. Cambridge has great facilities because of its defence work, and I hope they realise that making those facilities available to GA pilots and students is what will keep the aerodrome alive until the move finally happens.

  3. Just called to fly in on a Saturday, out on a Sunday… unable!!!! ATC closed. Seriously? In the 21st century? They can’t even offer an out of hours indemnity (like pretty much every other airfield does)… what is going on?

  4. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but how can one establish a fixed based business, or non-commercial activity at an airport that is due to close in the next few years?

    The aerodrome has also had partial closures at weekends.

    The local council and/or the DfT needs to step in and legislate some protection, or I fear whatever we do today or wanting to build in future will all be gone.

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