CAA to phase in airshow fees increase 

The CAA is going ahead with increases in charges to airshow organisers but will phase in the new fees over three years.

The authority is also introducing additional safety measures including enhanced risk assessments – criticised by AAIB in a recent report – and tougher checks and training for both display pilots and flight display directors.

Andrew Haines, CEO of the CAA, said, “We understand that people care passionately about air shows and we want all events to be a success. We are also very clear that we will not compromise on safety. Enhancing the safety of air shows is essential and this extra work must be funded.

“However, we have listened to the responses and recognise that some shows could face challenges in absorbing the full cost of these changes into this display season. In making our final decision on fees we have therefore decided to phase in the new charges, recovering only half of our costs for the current year.”

“We welcome the opportunity to address with air show organisers any questions or concerns they have around their planned activity for 2016, but safety must be the priority and we are committed to doing all that we can to make air shows even safer in the years to come.”

“In addition to the phased introduction of new fees, we will also review any further requests for assistance from smaller and charitable air show organisers who are concerned about not being able to afford the new charges.”

The CAA’s air display review work continues and the final report is expected in the coming weeks.

CAA Airshow Review

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