CAA starts planning for no-deal Brexit

The CAA is planning for the possibility of a no-deal scenario when the UK leaves the European Union, and the UK leaving EASA.

That includes the possibility that there will be no mutual recognition agreement between the EU and the UK for aviation licences, approvals and certificates.

However, the CAA says that through the EU (Withdrawal) Act 2018, the UK will adopt all European aviation laws at the point of exit. Changes will be made to ensure those laws are legally operable. The UK will continue to mirror EU aviation regulations for at least a two-year period.

Full details on the CAA’s Brexit page


  1. This will mean that all G- reg aircraft are liable to worth a fraction of their prior value until either a) Brexit is negotiated (which seems disappearingly unlikely) or b) Brexit is cancelled (which seems disappearingly unlikely).

    1. Not strictly true. Aircraft are not valued with consideration to the reg. It’s not too difficult to change the reg of an aircraft from One to another.

  2. Apart from N-Reg aircraft, G-Reg aircraft make up the majority of UK registered aircraft, so I cannot see that they would be ‘devalued’ appreciably after Brexit, with or without a deal.

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