Extensions to licences and 8.33 funding

The CAA has issued two extensions to deadlines thought to have passed.

First, the requirement to hold an EASA PPL or LAPL to fly an EASA-certificated aircraft, such as a Cessna 172, Piper PA-28 or Cirrus SR, has been postponed again – this time until 7 April 2019 (unless it’s amended again).

So, holders of a UK national licence can continue to fly EASA Annex 1 aircraft. The reason for the extension is because the EU has delayed publishing the relevant aircrew regulation. Details are in ORSA 1269 available from the CAA website.

Second, last year’s EU funding scheme to encourage aircraft owners to install an 8.33kHz compliant radio has been extended to 30 September 2018.

The UK CAA has re-opened the scheme after negotiations with the EU. It provides a 20% rebate on radio and associated equipment purchases, and includes support for the purchase of handheld units.

“The final call period is now open,” said the CAA. “This will close on 30 September 2018 and supports the impending change of law on 01 January 2019 where, if your flight mandates carriage of a radio, then it must be 8.33 kHz capable.”

CAA 8.33kHz website


  1. Very disappointed that the CAA have continued to exclude those who bought and fitted an 8.33 radio before the arbitrary start date of this scheme.

  2. We were “encouraged” to change to 8.33 radios long before the arbitrary start date of this scheme. The change was discussed in articles presented by theCAA and theLAA . Many of us changed the radios before the mandation so as not to be caught in the rush !. Little did we realise that the affair would be dragged out for so long. It feels that we have been let down by those subsequently making up the reimbursement scheme.
    John Goodale

  3. Whilst I took advantage of a manufacturer’s scheme (now closed, apparently) to replace a 25khz handheld, it does seem unfair to introduce or extend a scheme that benefits late adopters and not early ones, however well intended this might be. On the other hand, no such scheme would probably have upset everybody! Sometimes you just can’t win!

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