CAA issues updated Safety Sense leaflets

A new and updated series of the popular General Aviation Safety Sense leaflets has been launched by the UK CAA. The first covers flying with passengers.

The CAA’s Safety Sense leaflets have been around for years covering a wide range of subjects, from operating from grass strips to winter flying. The authority has started to update some of the key leaflets.

First of the news series is an update of the advice for flying with passengers. As COVID restrictions are further lifted it increases the chance for GA pilots to share their flying with a wider group of friends and relatives. The leaflet contains a wealth of advice to make these flights safe and comfortable.

Other updated leaflets are currently being developed for release over the coming months.

Sophie-Louise O’Sullivan, Head of General Aviation & Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) said, “The GA community has always told us that they really value the Safety Sense leaflets. Our project to update them will make sure they continue to help people fly safely for many years to come.”

All the Safety Sense Leaflets, including the new passenger guide, are available on the CAA website here.

Top: New CAA leaflet gives advice on briefing passengers. Photo: Wingly


  1. Well overdue an update. The Performance safety sense leaflet, for instance, is nearly 20 years out of date – still referring to the old CAA Performance Group E with incorrect factors. Its a terribly casual approach to aviation and the CAA should have revised these decades ago.

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