“Help get Electronic Conspicuity right” – CAA

The CAA has issued a Call for Evidence to help shape the future of Electronic Conspicuity (EC) in the UK.

It sees EC as an essential component of its Future Airspace Strategy and the modernisation of the UK’s patchwork airspace.

“By ensuring the full adoption of EC solutions in targeted blocks of airspace to enhance situational awareness, the aviation sector can transform its approach to integrating different types of operation and lay the foundations for new users like unmanned aerial systems (UAS) to operate far more extensively than they do today,” said the CAA.

“This document (see link below) is a call for evidence that describes our suggested approach to coordinating the full adoption of EC solutions in targeted blocks of airspace and aims to test whether:

  • The suggested approach is correct
  • We are looking at the right issues and options
  • The right stakeholders are engaged.

“The approach focuses on targeting blocks of airspace where EC solutions can solve a clearly identifiable problem and have the greatest potential to deliver benefits,” continues the CAA.

“We expect the transition to full adoption of EC solutions across all areas of UK airspace to be the eventual conclusion of this targeted approach.

“We would like stakeholders to consider the suggested approach that is set out in this document then provide their responses to the seven core questions.”

CAA Electronic Conspicuity Consultation document

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