BWPA announces winners of 2020 scholarships

The British Women Pilots’ Association (BWPA) has announced the winners of its aviation scholarships. They are: Maleha Khan, Daisy Bing, Hannah Nobbs, Laura Mayer, Lucy Wootton, Laura Fice, Emma Wooledge, Fiona Smith, Steph Smith, Alison Field and Pernia Zeb.

The scholarships were provided by the BWPA, CATS Aviation, Bristol Groundschool, Easy PPL and Wings Alliance.

The BWPA offers scholarships every year to support women in the UK in achieving their flying dreams, underlying its key aim to promote their training and employment within the sector, working with partner organisations.

BWPA Chairwoman Sharon Nicholson said, “Only 5-6% of professional pilots in the UK and worldwide are women and the percentages in general aviation are similar. Much of this is due to lack of information and opportunity.

“The BWPA saw a large increase in the number of applications for this round of scholarships.

“The winners are all extremely impressive individuals who are already giving a great deal to aviation, including encouraging other women to consider flying as a hobby or career. We hope these scholarships will support them in achieving their ambitions and continuing to inspire others.”

Well over 100 women from across the UK applied for the scholarships. They were shortlisted by a panel of judges who determined which of the candidates showed the most promise for their future flying.

Laura Fice, winner of a Bristol Ground School course said, “The scholarship is a vote of confidence in me – it is fantastic to have it amongst my achievements and to have that support from the BWPA.

“Everything is now in place to make this the right time for me to move my career forward. To have someone invest in me is such a great support.”

BWPA Scholarships

The winners:

Alison Field
Alison Field: BWPA Easy PPL ground school scholarship
Daisy Bing
Daisy Bing: BWPA Flying Start scholarship
Emma Wooledge
Emma Wooledge: BWPA Bristol Ground School scholarship
Fiona Smith
Fiona Smith: BWPA CATS ground school scholarship
Hannah Nobbs
Hannah Nobbs: BWPA Flying High scholarship
Laura Fice
Laura Fice: BWPA Bristol Ground School scholarship
Laura Mayer
Laura Mayer, left: BWPA Flying High Scholarship
Lucy Wootton
Lucy Wootton: BWPA Flying High scholarship
Maleha Khan
Maleha Khan: BWPA Flying Start scholarship
Pernia Zeb
Pernia Zeb: BWPA Wings Alliance scholarship
Steph Smith
Steph Smith: BWPA Easy PPL ground school scholarship

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