Brighton City’s Grade II listed hangar to be restored

The art deco terminal building at Bright City Airport (Shoreham) is well known but did you realise that the hangar alongside is also a Grade II listed building?

It’s an original 1930s hangar that survived WWII bombing despite some damage. Historic England says the Municipal Hangar, “bears witness to the phenomenal growth of civil aviation in this period, a pioneering and audacious episode of considerable historic interest that is otherwise recognised in very few designated sites.”

The sympathatic restoration will be carried out over six months, with each roof being stripped and replaced in stages, alongwith the front fascia.

Shoreham hangar
Shoreham’s Municipal Hangar dates from the 1930s and is being restored.

Brighton City Airport


  1. Will Brighton City Airport and their dubuous partners Albermale, put as much tme and attention into the overall viability of the airport as to refurbising the old ahangar? I have my doubts.

    Start by introducing a realistic pricing policy for landing, parking and fuel.

    Then a focussed marketimg campaign. Re build the flying school and operational base.

    Look at Albermale redord at their other GA airfiled investments, all about property.

    I for one will not be holding my breath!

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