Better design IFR charts from Jeppesen

Jeppesen will introduce a new design of IFR (Instrument Flight Rules) charts next month. They have enhanced SID (standard instrument departure) and STAR (standard terminal arrival route) charts to increase situational awareness and reduce ‘head-down’ time.

“Over the past two years, we have teamed with pilots and experts in human factors to create a new industry standard with Jeppesen SID/STAR chart design and interaction,” said Mike Abbott of Jeppesen.

“This significant change to our charts make them easier to read, reduces the likelihood of violating altitude and speed restrictions and improves the user experience with both mobile and installed electronic flight bag (EFB) platforms.”

The new worldwide IFR charts will be introduced over time, starting this December for airports in Europe and the U.S.

Jeppesen IFR charts

Key enhancements

  • Addition of terrain
  • Distinctive use of colour to identify important features at a glance
  • True to scale depiction of chart elements
  • Blue coding of altitude
  • Magenta coloring of speed restrictions.

Overall, 10 enhancements will be included in the new Jeppesen charts, including the addition of MSAs (minimum sector altitudes) within the plan view of the chart to provide a minimum clearance of objects near the airport and grid MORAs (minimum off route altitudes), providing obstacle clearance altitude within a certain longitude and latitude grid on the chart.


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