Barton’s ADS-B traffic display trial goes live

City Airport (Manchester Barton) has officially started its ADS-B Traffic Display Trial.

Barton’s FISOs are using an ADS-B Ground Receiver, loaned by Airspace4All and approved by the CAA, to feed a traffic display to aid Barton’s situational awareness and enhance traffic safety. The intention is for the trial to run for six months.

During this time Barton will be providing daily feedback which will contribute to an Airspace4All report to enable the CAA to assess this capability and give consideration to policy change authorising use of ADS-B real-time traffic displays by GA ATS units.

Additionally, it is hoped this trial will encourage further development of technology to support ATS provision at UK GA airfields.

Barton will be inviting a number of selected higher utilisation operators based at the airfield to participate in the trial by using a portable CAP1391 compliant ADS-B transceiver device, also loaned by Airspace4All. These devices will broadcast the aircraft’s position, giving Barton ATS staff visibility of the aircraft on the traffic display.

Additionally, though not an element of the trial, the participant aircraft can also benefit from onboard ADS-B In traffic information if they pair the transceiver with a suitable display device, such as a tablet with GDL90 compatible navigation app.

Steve Cooper, a FISO at Barton, has a blog on the CAA website here.

Information for pilots based at or visiting Barton is published here.

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