Aviation Without Borders resumes flight operations

The humanitarian charity Aviation Without Borders has resumed air cargo shipments following six months’ ‘enforced inactivity’ during lockdown.

“The easing of lockdown, although not in all areas, has improved our position slightly and I am pleased to announce that after six months of enforced inactivity we have just recently resumed our humanitarian air cargo shipments,” said Stanley Stewart, AWB Chair

“Flying schools have also been permitted to resume lessons and the other great news is that the youngsters waiting for their awarded one hour trial flights as part of our ‘On Track’ project have now all received their vouchers for their flights and a ‘flight’ in a Boeing 737 simulator.”

Among the humanitarian flights has been flying in 350kg of water purifying kits from Lifewater to Entebbe in Uganda. “The filtered water helps keep the children healthy and saves many young lives,” says AWB.

Aviation Without Borders

A further piece of good news for AWB is that it is now able to fly five youngsters who attended the ‘On Track’ event at Stansted Airport College way back in November 2019. The project was to encourage young people into aviation.

Aviation Without Borders

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