Unleaded avgas now available at Blackbushe

Blackbushe Airport’s new UL91 tank is now commissioned and unleaded fuel is available for sale from the eastern end of the RFFS building.

“Initially we are offering this at the same price point as 100LL avgas, although the wholesale cost of the fuel is higher,” said Rebecca Cornthwaite, finance & business manager at the airport.

“For those aircraft who have been bringing MOGAS or UL91 from other sites, all refuelling using fuel cans brought from offsite is now prohibited.”

Blackbushe is charging £1.41 per litre for both UL91 and 100LL avgas.

“To celebrate Easter, drop in to fire station when refuelling or paying your landing fees to pick up a little Easter treat with our compliments!” continued Rebecca.

Blackbushe Airport

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