Aspen’s E5 low-cost route to a glass cockpit

Aspen Avionics’s E5 electronic flight instrument recently obtained its FAA STC (Supplemental Type Certificate) for installation in VFR aircraft without a need for connection to another GPS system.

This opens a path for even the most minimally equipped aircraft to install the E5. This development was driven from two directions.

First, flight school operators seeking a cost-effective path for their basic trainers to be equipped with glass cockpits.

Second, operators wanting to eliminate the vacuum system and air driven gyros shedding the weight and maintenance that goes along with them.

The E5 can serve as the foundation in an Aspen-equipped panel as the display can be upgraded all the way to the top of the range IFR certified Aspen Pro Plus MAX PFD complete with Syn-Vis and Angle of Attack (AoA). It simply needs additional interfaces and software, but preserves the installation work already completed.

In a world where competition and choices are sometimes a bit thin, the E5 brings welcome choice to the market. Prices start at $4,995.

Aspen Avionics

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