All-comers Fly-In, Rougham

Name of event
All-comers Fly-in
- May 2017
Rougham Airfield
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Organiser: Mike Biddulph
Phone 07884 002447

Saturday 27th, Sunday 28th May, Rougham hosts its second all-comers fly-in. Light aircraft of all types welcome: vintage, micro lights, autogyros and helicopters.

The theme this year is Cessna 150 and 152 models celebrating this great trainer. Most GA pilots will have had some experience on type, either training or renting post PPL. The weekend provides students and instructors a great opportunity for a cross country navigation exercise and land away and the chance to meet other PPL holders.

Rougham had a great reputation in past years for holding some of the best smaller airshows and ground events in the south-east. Our fly-in hopes to recreate some of that spirit, and to see masses of flying machines descend onto Rougham’s grass expanse over the two days.

With Bury St Edmunds close by, we are providing a mini bus shuttle service to and from. Less then ten minutes from the town centre, we hope the service will encourage ‘reluctant’ flying partners who might not normally attend a flying event to come along. They can spend the day in Bury enjoying the sights with great shopping and dining. The beautiful St Edmundsbury Cathedral and abbey gardens can be explored and lots more besides.

On the airfield we will have food and refreshments available. The restored WW2 control tower will be open both days, a chance to discover the history of this former B17 flying fortress base. Many photographs and artefacts are on display, so well worth a visit. Classic cars will be in attendance both days.

Pooley’s plans on exhibiting, selling products and flight accessories. A landing fee of only £5.00 for all arrivals and when booking in you automatically enter our free raffle draw. The prize both days is cash to a maximum value of 40 gallons of Avgas at the days rate. We also have an award for the furthest flight to the event and informal aircraft ‘Concours d’Elegance’ judged by visitors with a prize for the best presented aircraft.

The airfield is owned by Rougham Estate Farms and has a superb 900m well mown grass runway orientated 09/27 with adjacent full length taxi way and good airfield signage and runway marker cones. There is a small part of the old concrete runway still in existence, close to the windsock situated on the north side of the runway but it doesn’t interfere with arrival and departures. If landing on 09 we suggest land to the right or just after it. Full airfield details are in Pooley’s and AFE flight guides.

North Weald’s marshalling team are with us both days, please follow their instructions on arrival and departure. Listen in on safety com 135.475 on approach. Parking in the large aircraft park in front of the control tower.

Rougham’s layout allows visitors by air and road to watch arrivals and departing aircraft in complete safety from a designated area adjacent to the runway. Camping is also available with free overnight parking.

Skyward Flight Training will be offering trial flights and advice to anyone interested in learning to fly.

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