Aeros certificate for GameBird GB1

Game Composites’s boss Philipp Steinbach has issued an upbeat report on progress of the British-designed, US-made aerobatic GB1 GameBird aircraft.

Philipp told FLYER that GameBird has:

  • Received FAA validation for the Garmin G3X installation
  • Received the first Standard Airworthiness Certificates, Acrobatic category for SN0001 and SN0002
  • Four GB1 GameBirds completed and flying
  • Sold GB1 GameBirds to the Chilean Air Force, for the Los Halcones Aerobatic Team
  • Team is growing towards a production rate of two [aircraft] per month.

In addition, Francois Le Vot, 2014 World Aerobatic Champion and Red Bull Airrace pilot, is moving to Bentonville (GameBird’s HQ) to set up GB1 GameBird customer aerobatic training.

Scott Kagebein from the FAA’s Oklahoma City branch handing over the first Standard Airworthiness Certificate issued for the GameBird to Philipp Steinbach

“Bringing a new airplane to market is an all-out effort,” said Philipp. “I’m very proud of what our small team has achieved in a comparably short period of time.

“EASA and FAA have been very helpful in providing guidance to make Game Composites a better organisation, and the GB1 GameBird the best and safest airplane in class.

“The issue of the first airworthiness certificate is in a way the end of the beginning, now we can focus on quality in production and further developments of our business and the airplane.”

Game Composites


  1. I am sure there are good reasons why the name GameBird was chosen but in the interests of not pandering to the shooting fraternity and also a more attractive marketing title the developers really should change its name.
    Game Birds are so called of course because the green welly brigade love blasting them out of the sky as soon as they break cover – not a great association for an aircraft – and most game birds are rather dumpy inelegant creatures: Partridge and Pheasant have their own appeals but graceful flight is not one of them!

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