Aerobility Armchair Aurora

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Aerobility Armchair Aurora
March 2021
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Spring Watch meets the Sky at Night’ is the intriguing description of an event coming up from Aerobility, the flying charity for disabled people.

The hour-long event is Armchair Aurora and its being hosted by impressionist Jon Culshaw at 18:00 on Saturday, 13 March.

The free to attend event will livestream via and will bring together spectacular Aurora footage, interviews and Q&A with scientists, plus insights on polar aviation and the workings of the Aurora, all beamed to living rooms around the UK and worldwide.

“This event is just one example of how we continue to support the disabled community and continue to inspire ability through aviation during lockdown, while aircraft are grounded,” said Aerobility CEO, Mike Miller-Smith.

“If I were to describe what it will be like, I would say, think ‘Spring Watch meets the Sky at Night’.”

Mike Miller-Smith added, “Building on our annual fundraising event ‘Aurora’ which sees Aerobility fly to the northern-most part of the UK, Armchair Aurora is part of our response to the impact of Covid-19.

“Our hope is that the aviation industry, which has been fantastic in its support of disabled flying, along with others, will find a way to step forward again to sponsor and support the event, so that we can continue to provide disabled flying when we come out of lockdown.

“We will also encourage donations during the event, whilst anyone wishing to support us now can do so via”

Jon Culshaw
Impressionist Jon Culshaw will be taking part in Aerobility’s Armchair Aurora

Jon Culshaw asaid, “Armchair Aurora, promises to be an escape from lockdown for anybody of any age. I encourage everyone to join us for this fascinating event. As an astronomy enthusiast, I for one can’t wait!”

A limited number of sponsorship opportunities are still available. Please contact for more details or visit

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