8.33kHz radio update: CAA lists exemptions

The CAA has released an update regarding the installation and use of 8.33kHz radios, which become mandatory on 1 January 2018 for use in airspace where a radio is needed. The update contains a number of exemptions for frequencies in use by various groups of pilots, including Safetycom.

Use of 8.33kHz handheld radios is also permitted, and the CAA is urging pilots to take advantage of the 20% rebate available. That ends on 31 December 2017.

“The CAA has taken a pragmatic and proportionate view to enable the safe conversion of aircraft and ground stations, driven by the requirements of the IR and the European Commission,” says the CAA statement.

“The permitted exemptions are the latest in a series of measures designed to encourage equipage in line with the requirements. In addition airspace users are permitted to use handheld radios in a number of circumstances as well as having access to a 20% rebate on new equipment and some associated accessories.”

The full list of exemptions is in CAP 1606, available here

CAA 8.33kHz radio page


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