£15 off Light Aircraft Design Conference

Members of The FLYER Club can get a £15 discount on tickets for this year’s Royal Aeronautical Society Light Aircraft Design Conference being held on 16 November.

This year, the Conference is being held online and the subject is ‘Electrifying General Aviation’.

“The GA sector is well-positioned to demonstrate new technologies because of the lower cost of innovation in smaller aircraft and in particular, the sector can help combat climate change by electrifying propulsion systems,” said the Society.

“This year we will have talks on two topics from last year: Richard Glassock’s installation of electric power to a Cassutt racer and the Rolls-Royce ACCEL speed record project. In further talks, German AkaFliegs have shown the way to high tech aircraft development and the RAeS is reviewing how such an approach can be adopted in the UK.

“Electric powered aircraft and eVTOL have received a lot of attention for their application to Urban Air Mobility and leisure flight, therefore we will also have talks on layout, concepts, and actual vehicles.”

Winners of the Society’s 2020 General Aviation Design Competition challenge will also be announced at the Conference and be present. The challenge this year was to design an inter-island Humanitarian eVOTL rescue vehicle.

“This is an exciting time in engineering history – aviation is re-inventing itself,” said the Society.

Royal Aeronautical Society Light Aircraft Design Conference

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