British and Irish teams shortlisted for 2018 Ushuaia2USA vintage rally

Sixty-five teams from 25 different countries make up the shortlist for next year’s Ushuaia2USA rally, being staged by Vintage Air Rally.

The shortlist, from a full total of more than 600 entries, will be whittled down further to just 15 free places on the event. The 15 places are due to be announced on 1 December 2017.

The rally will start on 1 March 2018, leaving Ushuaia, Argentina and is planned to finish on 14 April in Florida, USA.

The 11 British and 2 Irish teams on the shortlist are (complete with entry video):

#TeamIreland – Rob Doherty and Steve Clark

#Ireland – Steve Clark and Robert Doherty's application for th…

Meet Steve-Beq Clark and Rob Doherty, from #Ireland and co-partners since almost 20 years in an aircraft maintenance business. Rob, is an "engineer dynamo", capable of finding the most amazing "MacGyver" solutions to any practical or mechanical problem or issue, being it on known soil or in Kulusuk #Iceland. Steve has 13 000 hours flight time and flies part-time for a famous entrepreneur. They are hoping to part-take in the next U2U #VintageAirRally with their versatile and capable 1978 Maule, but are also looking into a Miles Gemini or a Fairchild Argus. Comment, like and share to help Steven and Robert find a spot in the next rally!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Thursday, 19 October 2017

#TeamIreland – Matthew McCullough and James McCullough

Representing Northern Ireland we have a family team of Matthew McCullough and James McCullough, the father and son team who have been flying together for 27 years! Matthew has his sights set on flying a Tiger Moth; perhaps someone has a spare plane? Mathew and his father fly out of a 250-yard farm strip in a field in North Ireland and we will certainly be calling on these skills to land in some very remote spots on the South American continent. Like and share this video!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Wednesday, 8 November 2017

#TeamUK – Phil Moorcroft and Steven Moth

UK – Phil Moorcroft and Steven Moth's video application to the…

#UK – Meet Phil Moorcroft and Steven Moth of Spirit in the Sky. Yay! We love their motivation: "Probably the most exciting Air Rally in the world!" and " To indulge in the spirit of adventure and fly the old South-American mail routes." That's the spirit! #VintageAirRally

Posted by Vintageairrally on Saturday, 21 October 2017

#TeamUK – George Bacon

Now it is the turn of #TeamUK representative George Bacon, sending us his video from AAC Middle Wallop in Hampshire, UK. George is looking for a place on the rally and is equally desperate to get a ex-veteran on the #Ushuaia2USA Vintage Air Rally; we couldn't agree more! Please like and share George's video to get some inspirational ex-servicemen and women on our fantastic adventure!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Thursday, 2 November 2017

#TeamUK – Clive Davidson and Annabelle Burroughes

UK Davidson

It's #team Grit and Giggles' turn now with a rather amusing video from Clive Davidson, Annabelle Burroughes and Kevin Crumplin. They have not one but TWO vintage Biplanes in their hanger at Tiger Moth Training in Somerset, UK! Let's get these fantastic vintage bi-planes all the way to Ushuaia by liking and sharing this video!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Thursday, 2 November 2017

#TeamUK – Tom Milson and Robin Russell

UK based Tom Milsom and Robin Russell who both fly in the Tiger 9 Formation Team. Tom loves adventures, has sailed the Atlantic in a 1913 boat and flown to Scotland with his father. Robin, on the other hand, is a charismatic semi-retired pilot who has a history of flying jets in the Royal Air Force. This team have already been very pro-active by putting together a website which has some fantastic information about both Tom and Robin as well as the aircraft they fly! See the link below! Also, don't forget to like and share this video to improve their chances!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Friday, 3 November 2017

#TeamUK – Martin Luton

Martin Luton's video application for the U2U #VintageAirRally,…

Meet Martin Luton, #UK. At 5 he had his first flight in a DH Dragonfly, and from then on, everything changed. He flew first at 15, had his first powered flight at 18 and hasn't stopped since. If chosen, he would come on the #VintageAirRally in his beloved 1946 taildragger. Like and share, like and share if you would like to see Martin on the Rally!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Thursday, 19 October 2017

#TeamUK – Oliver Wallace

Representing the #TeamUK but submitting his video from the Hong Kong Aviation Club, Oliver Wallace is looking for a place on the #UshuaiaUSA rally to inspire others like him to take up flying! We could not be keener to get young people up into the air and excited for #aviation. Oliver would be flying in the stunning Meyes OTW and he is looking for one more person! Comment below if you would like to join Oli!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Friday, 27 October 2017

#TeamUK – Michael Wingenroth and Martin Gosling

It's now the turn of the Anglo-German team, comprised of a star-studded duo of Martin Gosling AKA 'Yogi' and Michael Wingenroth AKA 'Wingi'. With over 65 years flying experience they certainly will be able to deal with all of the challenges that the #Ushuaia2USA Vintage Air Rally will throw at our pilots! Most importantly, there is one gaping hole in their adventures, the South American continent! Help 'Yogi' and 'Wingi' fulfill their dream of seeing one of the only continents they have never visited from the spectacular viewpoint of the cockpit!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Friday, 27 October 2017

#TeamUK – Rhody Sims and Sam Stratton Sims

UK Sam Rhody Stratton Sims

From the #UK, Sam Stratton Sims and her pilot 🙂 bidding for a place on the Vintage Air Rally. Please show your support by liking and sharing!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Tuesday, 17 October 2017

A second video from the charming and adventurous couple, Rhody and Sam Stratton Sims. Rhody and Sam give us in this little video more of a glimpse into why they think they would be a fantastic addition to the 15 lucky teams on Vintageairrally's 2018 #Ushuaia2USA adventure. Like and share folks!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Tuesday, 31 October 2017

#TeamUK – Amanda Harrison and Mike Wigg

UK – Amanda Harrison and Mike Wigg's application for the U2U #…

A more extended presentation for Amanda Harrison and Mike Wigg (#UK) and the "Waterbirds Team" applying for the next Ushuaia2USA #VintageAirRally. Her father, Richard Harrison launched the "Waterbird" plane in 1911! They, are applying with a Tigermoth.Please comment and share their video, and like and share this page to help us find your favourite teams!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Sunday, 22 October 2017

#TeamUK – Charlie and Anna Huke

Here we have another application from the #UnitedKingdom. It's a husband and wife pairing of Charlie and Anna Huke. Both experienced pilots and engineers and they even have a selection of old planes. They have already been to the SUN 'n FUN Air Show in Lakeland, Florida but have never flown into it! Yes that's right, our pilots will fly into the SUN 'n FUN and play a key part in the Air Show! Do you think Charlie and Anna would be a great addition to the Air Show? You know what you need to do!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Saturday, 4 November 2017

#TeamUK – Simon O’Connol

Wow! What a professional video from Robin Russell and Simon O'Connell of Shoot Aviation representing the United Kingdom! Simon has a beautiful Messerschmitt 108 Typhoon with a fascinating story! This plane has already been to South America, transported underneath a Zeppelin from Germany to Rio De Janeiro in the 1930s! How incredible is that? Let's take it back to South America, please like and share to get this incredible plane on the way to Ushuaia!

Posted by Vintageairrally on Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Ushuaia2USA Rally 2018

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