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CAA change

CAA: Better GA after Brexit

Top of the CAA’s list to make the UK a better place for General Aviation following our departure from EASA is… (drum roll)… simplify pilot … Read more


FLYER June 2021 cover

FLYER June 2021

Back to School: Learn bush flying from one of the top instructors in the world Vision Transition: John Page makes the jump from propeller aircraft … Read more

FLYER May 2021

FLYER May 2021

The May 2021 issue of FLYER is now available to read online or download and read offline. Cover story is a FLYER exclusive! We had … Read more

FLYER April 2021

FLYER April 2021

Read the April 2021 issue of FLYER here After months of no flying, Mark Greenfield of Ultimate High gives his top tips on just HOW … Read more

FLYER magazine March 2021

FLYER March 2021

Read the magazine online and free: click here COVER STORY Why is a drone on the front cover of the UK’s favourite flying magazine? Because … Read more


Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet

It took ten years of waiting while development and certification took place, but as the first deliveries of the Cirrus SF50 Vision Jet, General Aviation’s … Read more

Swearingen SX-300

Featured in August 2015, Ian Seager flew the two-seat, high-performance kitplane, designed in the 1980s, that had a reputation for speed, complexity and colossal build … Read more

Rans Aircraft S-20 Raven

When we tested the Rans S-20 Raven in April 2015, we liked the this lightweight, side-by-side Rotax-powered taildragger, finding crisp handling, attractive performance and plenty … Read more

Tecnam P2010

Following his pre-certification test flight of Tecnam’s new four-seat tourer/trainer in 2013, Ian Seager joined the owner of the UK’s first P2010 to fly the … Read more