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New flight school at Durham Tees

First Posted: Thu 21 Jan 2010

A new flying school, Durham Tees Flight Training, has started operating at Durham Tees Valley Airport recently. The school is headed by local businessman David Ripley, who trained to fly at the the airfield, along with CFI Dale Reynolds and Operations Manager Ed Hampartsoumian.
David, who previously ran an international fire protection company, commented, “Although I have a strong business background, it is in a very different field. I knew that for us to create the right operation I would need to appoint the right team of people around me from the start. Dale and Ed have about as much experience in flight training as it is possible to have, which is not only good for the strength of our business but also for the students who can be guaranteed a structured training programme in a safe, professional environment.”
The school will offer a range of flight training with Cessna 152s and Piper Warriors, as well as aerobatic training with an ex-RAF Bulldog. “We did consider newer designs of aircraft such as the DA20, but decided to go for the tried and tested Cessna and Piper range,” explained Dale. “They are the world’s best sellers for a reason and are great for PPL training. We do have access to a range of more complex aircraft, retractable and twin engine aircraft if required.”
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