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Cirrus SR22 gains EASA FIKI approval

First Posted: Fri 04 Dec 2009

Earlier this year Cirrus Aircraft launched an FAA certificated FIKI (Flight Into Known Icing) option for SR22 and SR22 aircraft. That system has now received EASA FIKI approval.

Ian Bentley, Vice President and Managing Director - International Sales commented, "This is likely the most extensively tested known ice protection package ever developed for general aviation. The certification program had the same icing envelope and followed similar testing protocols as business jets and airliners under FAR Part 25. Customers ordering new aircraft in 2009 have shown a very strong preference for the Cirrus Known Ice Protection option." Bentley also added a word of caution, "As capable as the system is, Cirrus Known Ice Protection does not create an 'all weather' airplane - a perhaps overused term in aviation. Even airliners, military and corporate aircraft cancel flights for weather - particularly winter weather. A broad knowledge of weather operations, recurrent training and flight experience in your Cirrus is always necessary."

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