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Business continues for SAC

First Posted: Fri 20 Nov 2009

Since we first reported the death of Warren Chmura, president of Southern Aircraft Consultancy - one of the UK's biggest trust companies for N registered aircraft - there have been a few rumours about the situation for SAC customers. We're very pleased to report that these rumours are completely unfounded. We received the following statement from SAC.

As many of our clients and friends will know, our President Warren Chmura suffered a fatal accident whilst rallying in Morocco.
The purpose of this message is to reassure those of you who rely on Southern Aircraft Consultancy Inc. for each of the private trusts holding individual FAA registered aircraft that each of those arrangements remain in place for their full purpose & effect.

The Company has appointed Larry Chmura as it's new President & Jean Chmura will continue to oversee the administration of each Trust & the registration of aircraft with the FAA. Larry Chmura is an American citizen.

The Company has always prided itself on the delivery of answers to the many question which our clients pose on almost all aspects of aircraft ownership & operation. Warren's passing is a great loss to us all & there is no doubt that his deep level of technical knowledge will be hard to replace, but we are working on that & Jean Chmura will field all such enquiries.

Jean has been very heartened by the many messages of support & condolence, thank you all for your kindness & sympathy.
And now, it is business as usual, which is no more than those who knew Warren would expect. Click here for more

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