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Textron says Cessna sale is 'unlikely'

First Posted: Wed 11 Feb 2009

Textron, the company which owns Cessna and Bell helicopters, has told FLYER that the "sale of Bell or Cessna is very highly improbable".

The denial follows suggestions earlier this week that Textron, whose financial arm has been in difficulties for some time, may be forced to sell off one of its aviation subsidiaries in order to raise cash.

The suggestions, reported in the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, were made in the wake of two senior finance officers leaving Textron. In the Star-Telegram article, Textron Chief Executive Lewis Campbell is quoted as saying that if Textron cant raise the cash it needs, "There would be a point this year or next wed have to put one of our big assets up for sale."

However, when we asked Cessna about the suggestions, they passed our question on to the Textron media department, who said that "a sale of Bell or Cessna is very highly improbable."

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