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Cessna renames Columbia models

First Posted: Fri 16 Jan 2009

The new 400 logo

Cessna has said that it is renaming its 350 and 400 series aircraft. They will now be known as the Cessna 350 Corvalis and 400 Corvalis TT (for twin turbocharged). The name change was announced at the company's sales team meeting this week.

Corvalis, apparently, is a word inspired by a picturesque Oregon town near the Bend, Oregon, facility where the 350 and 400 models are made. "It is," said Cessna Vice President of Marketing Tom Aniello, "a graceful word befitting the flowing lines of the aircraft and its unique Northwest heritage."

Earlier this week Cessna president Jack Pelton told gave a briefing on the company's progress. Clearly prompted by speculation following recent job cuts, Pelton sought to assure both those inside the company and those outside that Cessna was progressing. In particular, he revealed that the Cessna SkyCatcher programme is on target for making its first deliveries later this year.

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