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Hy-Bird on display at Courcheval

First Posted: Tue 23 Dec 2008

The Akoya airframe with its
snow skis fitted

French company Lisa Aircraft is displaying a Hy-Bird project prototype at Courchevel as part of a new partnership between Lisa and the ski resort.

The Hy-Bird project is an attempt to build a completely environmentally friendly aircraft based on Lisa's AKOYA airframe. The AkOYA is a 'multi-access concept', which can operate from water, land and - importantly for Courchevel - snow.

The Hy-Bird project is planning to fly an aircraft around the world in 2009 using purely renewable fuels. The project is working with two energy sources - hydrogen and, in the Hy-Bird-E, solar power. The company hopes to fly the world's first two-seat solar powered aircraft next year.

The environmental aspect of the project is, of course, important to Courchevel as global warming threatens the existence of its winter sports reputation. If you're visiting Courchevel this winter, make sure you look out for the airframe!

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