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Aero-Friedrichshafen sees new aircraft aplenty

First Posted: Thu 19 Apr 2007

The Aero light aviation Exhibition in Friedrichshafen, Germany, got under way today, with the first chance to look at a number of new aircraft.

The Diamond DA50
Among the main attractions were the Diamond DA50, which first flew earlier this month. the company is expected to introduce the aircraft at a press conference tomorrow morning. The new five-place aircraft is, says the company, a completely new type and not just a reworking of previous Diamonds.

The Cirrus G3
Also available for viewing was Cirrus' new G3 airframe. It replaces the G2, but features 'almost 700 changes and improvements', although it currently sells for the same price as the G2. The performance figures haven't improved, although the rumour is that the new G3 is slightly faster.

The Tecnam P2006 on display
Tecnam revealed its P2006T Very Light Twin. A four-seat aircraft powered by two Rotax 912S engines, it promises to open up the world of twins to a new price-range. The aircraft has fully retractable landing gear, a high-wing configuration and a lightweight but strong aluminium airframe.

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