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CAA launches airspace consultation changes

First Posted: Tue 03 Apr 2007

The new CAP 725

The CAA has published CAP 725 Guidance on the Application of the Airspace Change Process. It sets out the roles and responsibilities of organisations proposing an airspace change, and offers a framework for the consultation and environmental assessments which should be completed before an application to the CAA can be made.

The CAA says: "The revised guidance follows a thorough review of the Airspace Change Process which included extensive consultation with all sections of the aviation community and environmental bodies. It seeks to ensure that any airspace change satisfies or enhances safety, improves airspace capacity and mitigates, as far as practicable, any environmental impact."

It adds: "The guidance has been developed in line with Government principles of good regulation and consultation."

It also quotes John Arscott, Director of Airspace Policy "Following extensive consultation, we are very pleased to be publishing this new document today. We intend that this process should ensure that all matters effecting an airspace change should be considered before a decision is taken."

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