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Rotorway eyes the certificated market

First Posted: Wed 28 Mar 2007

The latest Exec on display

RotorWay has for a long time been the manufacturer of the leading kit helicopter in the world, the Exec. Now the company is looking to expand into the certificated market.

RotorWay says that it is working on its certified helicopter programme in its South African facility. According to the company, SA offers advantages in both regulation and privacy, and "South Africa subscribes to the European (JAR) standards, and it would be a short step to FAA certification."

"Changes expected on the certified RotorWay may include more power, a larger cabin, and more-robust gear. RotorWay already builds a FADEC engine, and has announced upgrades to avionics such as a glass cockpit display in the newest kits. Additionally, the certified RotorWay will incorporate engineering changes designed to make the machines easier to maintain, resulting in managementís goal of demonstrating best-in-class operating expenses."

There are over 900 RotorWay helicopters flying, and other modernisations are in the pipeline for the kit helicopters, too. There are 50 Rotorways on the CAA G- register.

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