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Eclipse tweaks for greater speed

First Posted: Thu 07 Dec 2006

Eclipse: faster than ever

Eclipse Aviation is to make tweaks to its Eclipse 500 VLJ - Very Light Jet - to increase its speed and range. The upgrade is to be achieved through bigger tip tanks and slicker aerodynamics, all of which will add 25 gallons of fuel, an extra 70 nm on the range and 10 ktas to the speed.

The company had looked as though it would be falling short of its target figures with the first aircraft examples which it delivered, but hold-ups in the delivery process (see our news story) mean that it has a chance to make these changes to all its airframes. The new figures are 1,125 nm range (with 100 nm alternative) and 370 ktas.

At the same time, the company has said that it will institute a partial money-back deal for late delivery (offset against a new deposit payment which has become due).

These changes were outlined in a letter to purchasers.

The company is still waiting to make its first delivery.

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