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Cessna delivers Mustang

First Posted: Thu 23 Nov 2006

Mustang: delivered

Things are hotting up in the VLJ - Very Light Jet - world. Yesterday we reported that the Eclipse 500 had hit a couple of small glitches which had delayed its delivery; today comes news that the Cessna Citation Mustang - which, despite its obvious heritage from the bizjet world, is generally seen as a VLJ - has received its production certificate and made its first customer delivery.

That first customer example was delivered to Mustang Management Group (MMG), based in Fresno, California. The deal will allow Cessna to lease the aircraft for 10 months as a demonstrator. MMG then plans to use the Mustang in its Scott Aviation subsidiary for flight training.

The production certificate allows Cessna to produce, flight test and grant airworthiness certificates for the Mustang.

The six-place Citation Mustang has a top speed of 340 ktas, a range of 1,150 nautical miles and a service ceiling of 41,000 ft.

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