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First Posted: Sun 05 Sep 2004

What do you call a man with nine foot wings and twin turbines?

Crazy maybe but French adventurer Yves Rossy has become the first man in the world to fly with a twin jet flying suit!

He jumped from a Pilatus Porter at 12,000ft over the city of Bex, Switzerland and lit his two model aircraft Jet-Cat turbine engines. Then it was on with the smoke system for the benefit of the camera crews on the ground. Cruising at 115 mph the flight lasted four minutes before he hit heavy turbulance at 8,000ft. At which point he spooled down the fans and deployed his parachute.

He landed to a waiting crowd of journalists to reveal he still had half his fuel and a new world record.

Previous antics have included hanging between two Boeing Stearmans over the south of England (one flown by Vic Norman) before dropping by 'chute.

If you fancy a jet suit then Jet-Cat UK in Poole, Dorset will sell you the turbines. Have a chat to your mum about the upholstery!

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