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Old Buckenham to host Ken Wallis tribute

First Posted: Wed 04 Sep 2013

Old Buckenham Airfield has announced that it will hold a celebration of the life of aviation legend Wing Commander Ken Wallis following a request by his family. The airfield, of which Ken was member 007, will host a day-long celebration of Wallis' life on Sunday 29 September.
Formal tributes will be paid by several friends and other commemorations are being planned on the day to best celebrate his extraordinary life. 
The airfield is pleased to invite as many people as possible to bring their aircraft and vehicles to the celebration. Those wishing to attend are asked to let the organisers know they are coming. Arrangements will then be made to ensure that a diverse display of machinery, airborne and otherwise, will make the day a suitable tribute to a true legend. 
A Celebration of the Life of Ken Wallis will open from 10am on Sunday 29 September 2013, with formal tributes and displays likely to take place from midday until 2pm. Please let the organisers know that you are coming, and if bringing an aircraft or vehicle, all the details. Contact is best made by email: 

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