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Tecnam delivers first 912iS powered P2008

First Posted: Wed 21 Nov 2012

Tecnam has delivered the first two production standard Tecnam P2008s fitted with the new Rotax 912iS (injection) engine. The aircraft have been delivered to the USA and Columbia.
The single-engined Tecnam P2008 has established itself as one of Tecnam’s best sellers. With its carbon-fibre fuselage, metals wings and stabilator, the Tecnam P2008 is marketed as a new option for flight schools. According to Tecnam, the P2008 powered by the Rotax 912iS engine will deliver significantly better fuel efficiency than comparable light sport and ultra-light aircraft.
Paolo Pascale, Tecnam’s Managing Director, said, “We have built our reputation on producing some of the most innovative, stylish and economical aeroplanes available in the General Aviation marketplace. The all new Rotax 912iS should reduce fuel costs (be it Mogas or Avgas) by 20%.”
Rotax have incorporated technology enhancements such as a modern fuel injection system and digital engine control unit (ECU) to the Rotax 912iS engine to ensure optimal fuel and air mixture at any altitude for longer flight range, lower operating costs and CO2 emission reduction.

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