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FLYER Online Advertising

Call us on +44 (0)1225 632180 NOW! to advertise on this site or in FLYER magazine

The FLYER Air Portal provides a direct route for your business to reach its intended target market quickly, effectively and economically.

The Statistics

We serve 5.5 million pages per 31 days

We receive 154,234 visitors per 31 days

We are currently serving 2,388,231 ads every 7 days

(all figures are averages and are sourced from Google and

The Locations

The best position on the page is reserved for our banner ads. These are shown at the top of the page, level with our site graphic. To preserve the exclusivity and to maximise the impact of the banner ad we only allow a maximum of 12 banner ads on the system at any one time

We serve the bulk of the FLYER Air Portal ads (skyscraper, box and button ads) in a sidebar which is located on the right-hand side of our main content. Ads are served the full length of the page content in a random assortment. To maximise impact on the sidebar, we only serve one skyscraper per page and like the banner ad we only allow a maximum of 12 of these on the system at any one time.

The Ads

We currently offer 5 sizes of ads:

Banner - 468 x 60 px
Skyscraper - 160 x 600 px
Box - 160 x 160 px
Button - 160 x 100 px
MPU - 250 x 250 px

Ads can be static (.jpg, .gif, .png), animated (.gif, .fla) or interactive (.fla)

We also offer a free static ad creation service if you don’t already have an advert!

The Costs

With all our online advertising we offer a simple two-tiered pricing system. The standard rate is the rate that we charge per 31 days.

Our eClient rate is a better rate for advertisers who are able to commit to 12 months of advertising. eClients receive a preferential rate, are invoiced via email and are billed via direct debit.

Standard Rate

– per 31 days

eClient Rate

– per 31 days

Button ad

£55 - Buy now


Box ad

£80 - Buy now


Skyscraper ad

£300 - Buy now


Banner ad

£240 - Buy now



£250 - Buy now



You can purchase advertising through our online shop - just click buy now and select as many months as you want. You will then be contacted within 1 working day by our online advertising team to set up and activate your advert*. Alternatively you can contact our advertising department on +44 (0)1225 632180.

If you would like to become an eClient or just require more information, please call our advertising department on +44 (0)1225 632180.

*If you require use of our free ad building service then your ad will only be activated after you have approved the ad.

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