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The latest issue of FLYER out now! Packed full of features, the current issue includes a flight in the single-seat FLS Microjet. A re-imagined version of the BD-5J, the 'world's smallest jet', famously flown through a hangar by James Bond in the opening sequence of the film Octopussy. Plus, Thomas Borchert takes part in a motor-gliding adventure with six Stemmes, and travels from the Alps to the Med with some occasional soaring, while if you’re in need of some destination inspiration for 2015, then check out our guide to UK aviation museums that you can fly into. Elsewhere in the issue, Joe Fournier looks at landing gear failures and their aftermath in Accident Analysis. There's also more tales from the Bush Pilot and a review of Action Cam accessories, as well as an update on using them on the outside of an aeroplane in Top Gear. Add in a flying adventure that takes you to 18 airfields in 7 countries in 10 days, the chance to save £54 in landing fees, the latest news, comments, events and much more, and you can see why FLYER is the brightest and most-read GA title in the UK.

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